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more likely would've been three reds had they sent it upstairs. Total 109/8 (20 Overs, RR:.45 did not bat: SM Sharif, BTJ Wheal, fall of wickets: 1-0 (George Munsey,.1 ov 2-2 (Calum MacLeod,.3 ov 3-2 (Richie Berrington,.4 ov 4-18 (Craig Wallace,.3 ov 5-57 (Matthew.
After the six, he doesn't change the field and bowls one around leg which isn't full enough for a swing down the ground. Bernard Scholtz ov, jan Frylinck ov, david Wiese. 2/3.3 back of a length pings Wallace on middle and off going back deep in his crease to a 134 kph delivery. He goes a long way across to swipe the ball away and exposes all his stumps. Berrington thinks just as long before going for the review. Looked like a cutter at 123kmh from outside off, jagged back in towards off and it beat Cross' attacking cut 57/5.3 the Trump card is being played to perfection by Namibia! Definitely pitched in line.

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Full Scorecard of Scotland vs Namibia 2021/22 - Score Jan Frylinck ov, david Wiese ov, bernard Scholtz. In the fourth stump channel at 131 kph back of a length, MacLeod pushes with hard hands at this as the ball angles across him and gets a thin edge through to Green. JJ Smit 00W010 4 ov - Ruben Trumpelmann 01lbWW00 3 ov - JJ Smit ov - David Wiese 1lb40443 1 ov - Ruben Trumpelmann 01wd00101 Fall ind vs nz t20 ticket booking of wickets 21 Kyle Coetzer.3 ov 21 Matthew Cross.4. Total 115/6 (19.1 Overs, RR:.00 did not bat: JN Loftie-Eaton, R Trumpelmann, BM Scholtz Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Michael van Lingen,.3 ov 2-50 (Zane Green,.1 ov 3-61 (Gerhard Erasmus,.2 ov 4-67 (Craig Williams,.3.
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 2, w 1, nb 1, p 0) Total 137 (8 wkts, 20 Ov) Fall of Wickets 21-1 ( Coetzer,.3 21-2 ( M Cross,.4 21-3 ( Munsey,.3 69-4 ( Craig. It was identical ind vs nz t20 series 2021 tickets booking to the previous ball that sawed him in two but kept a touch low and pinged him just on the knee roll. He was hit on the knee roll in front of leg stump prodding down the wrong line. Is there another twist left? The keeper sprints to the bowler, the bowler roars and looks to the sky in celebration. Teasing length on middle and leg that drew Erasmus forward, and he drove towards the covers with a fair bit of gap between bat and pad, and the ball turned in just enough to knock over the.

Innings Break: Scotland - 137/8.0 overs (SM Sharif 6, JH Davey 11). Powerplay: Overs.1 -.0 (Mandatory - 52 runs, 1 wicket). Namibia: 50 runs.4 overs (34 balls Extras.

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Scotland vs Namibia Live Scorecard, ICC World Twenty20 W42411 19 ov, jJ Smit ov, jan Frylinck 12W112. JJ Smit ov, jan Frylinck, w00001 11 ov, michael Van Lingen 11lb11lb46. This is smart and confident bowling. 18/4.2 all over off and middle stump!
JJ Smit ov, david Wiese 1wd1lb0W040 5 ov, ruben Trumpelmann ov namibia vs scotland t20 scorecard - JJ Smit ov - Ruben Trumpelmann 000011lb 2 ov - Jan Frylinck ov - Ruben Trumpelmann W1wd01wdWW00 Fall of wickets 0 George Munsey.1. The fans were waiting, the ball is a full toss, he can slam it over the fielders in the circle, he can finish the game but all he does is swing it straight to the fielder 109/6. Williams comes down to take it on the full and Watt fires in this one down the leg side, and the keeper takes the bails off, which Williams watches as he turns back after missing the flick. Peach of a delivery. 28/1.1 flighted full on fourth stump, charges this but the googly produces a skier with his slog aimed for long-on. It flies high toward Munsey at long-off, who ranges 15 yards right and takes a catch tumbling forward and to his right to cushion the ball coming back to earth.

21st Match, Group 2 (N Abu Dhabi, Oct 27 2021, ICC Men s, t20, world Cup. (19.1/20 ov, target 110) 115/6. Namibia won by 4 wickets (with 5 balls remaining) Player. Icca Dubai, Oct 14 2021, Scotland tour of United Arab Emirates.

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Scotland vs Namibia Live Scorecard, UAE Summer T20I Bash The umpire's call stands on field as it was shaving leg stump. Only doubt was whether it was missing leg stump or clipping. JJ Smit not out.13.4 full toss is struck straight to midwicket!
2/2.4 full and straight inswinger, given out after a long long ponder. 0/1.1 knocks over off stump! 50/2.2 sneaks it through the gate! Pikky Ya France 1lb00142 15 ov, ruben Trumpelmann ov, bernard Scholtz. Misses it completely and the ball rams into the stumps 93/6.6 and ends the over with a 126kmh yorker too, Greaves just about digs it out and Davey takes off to be run out easily by Wiese 109/8. The umpire's check if there was an edge but looks like there was only pad 67/4.3 back of a length namibia vs scotland t20 scorecard on middle, goes to pull over midwicket but gets a thick top/leading edge over cover and Berrington pouches it on the ring. SR, coetzer (c) c Erasmus b Ruben Trumpelmann.67, m Cross (wk) c Zane Green b Ruben Trumpelmann.00, craig Wallace c Karl Birkenstock b Scholtz.46, leask c Erasmus b Jan Frylinck.50, mark Watt c Baard b Jan Frylinck.00, davey not out.00.

(20 ov, target 204) 184/5. Scotland won by 19 runs. Over.2: Review.