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just slaps it over the point region and the ball races away into the fence. Maybe, Rahmanullah Gurbaz should have thrown the ball to the keeper as Mohammad Rizwan was late to take off and could have been short. The chase was planned to near perfection from Pakistan but losing wickets at the wrong time threw this match wide open towards the end.
A rare flop show from Rizwan. 38/1.5 On a length around leg, again at 130 kph, this time Fakhar fails to work it around off his pads. Mohammad Nabi angles it in from around the stumps and Fakhar Zaman gets down on one knee to sweep it away. Shadab Khan comes in at number. 15/1.5 On middle, eased to square leg for a single. Babar comes down the track and hits it down the ground. This should seal the deal for Pakistan. Mentions that there are a lot of positives as they fought till the very end. But all he gets is the outside edge and Mohammad Shahzad takes an easy catch. 24 needed in 13 balls now and the lower order of Pakistan will be tested here.

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Cricket scorecard - Afghanistan vs Pakistan, 24th Match Length ball, around off. Afghanistan fought this match with a lot of intensity. 9.3 Back of a length, around off. End of the 63-run stand. 49/1.5 Length again, on middle and tucked away towards deep mid-wicket for another single.
How huge could this review prove to be? Malik looks to carve it over covers but gets a thick outside edge. They get a single. A very crucial 6 balls coming up in the context of this game. 62/1.5 Slower bumper now, around the off stump. 4.3 Flighted india vs australia women's 1st t20 result on middle, turned on the leg side for a single at square leg. 15.4 fifty FOR babar! The chase was heading towards a tense finish. Time for some pace now as Naveen-ul-Haq comes.

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Afghanistan vs Pakistan live score over Super 12 - Match Length delivery on the afghanistan vs pakistan t20 scorecard outside off as Asif this time gets underneath that one and then clubbed that one way over the deep covers and into the stands for another maximum. 5.1 Naveen-ul-Haq begins with a fuller delivery, on middle and leg, Fakhar Zaman flicks but finds the mid-wicket fielder. 72/1.5 Full and around off, this is crunched through covers. UltraEdge confirms that there's no bat on it and this time Ball Tracker shows that the ball would go on to hit the leg stump. Mohammad Nabi (2-0-22-0) brings himself back.
4.2 Hangs on the back foot and punches it in the gap at extra cover for a single. Nope, Mohammad Hafeez is well inside. 9.1 Short of a length, outside off. 0.6 Straighter one on middle, helped towards mid-wicket for a single. 4.6 Floated and full around off, Babar pushes it back to the bowler who makes a half-stop. 7.4 Slightly fuller and on middle, Fakhar Zaman pushes it down to long on and rotates the strike. Rashid Khan is quicker through the air this time and bowls it a touch flatter, on off, Babar Azam looks to punch off the back foot but gets an outside edge, past the first slip fielder and the ball races away into the third man fence. Nabi hits it straight to deep mid-wicket.

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Scorecard Afghanistan (AFG) vs Pakistan (PAK ICC WT20

Afghanistan Vs Pakistan Live Score (T20) : : Ball by Ball Asif Ali, afghanistan vs pakistan t20 scorecard the hero of the last match, is in at number. Babar Azam is given out LBW and he has reviewed this decision. Mujeeb Ur Rahman india vs australia t20 match date 2020 was the trump card for them upfront with the ball and he bowled 4 economical overs to build the pressure. But this looks out.
Malik cuts it hard past point for a boundary. 11/0.5 Flighted this time, full and on middle, pushed back to the bowler. The fielder picks up the ball and has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. About Asif Ali, Azam replies that he always has confidence in him and knows that Ali will get the team over the line in such situations. Chopped past covers for one. He hit that ball on merit. Azam looks to slog-sweep but misses the ball completely. Rashid Khan was brought on after 10 overs, many thought that Mohammad Nabi missed the trick but the Afghan maestro picked the wickets of Mohammad Hafeez and then Babar Azam with his last ball of the spell to hand the advantage to Afghanistan. . Rashid Khan, you beauty!

Super 12 - Match 24, ICC World Twenty20, 2021, Oct 29, 2021. Afghanistan vs Pakistan Live Scorecard, Super 12 - Match 24, ICC World Twenty20, 2021, October 29, 2021. Summary Full Scorecard Commentary Highlights.